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Raising quality, reducing waste
and improving uniformity

Poplar Farm Flowers has always had the benefit of the best technology available for the production of tulips.

The sustained capital investment of AWE Horticulture has seen rapid changes over the last twenty years in terms of both production and materials handling. The first automated mobile benching system was operational in 2005, at a stroke removing most of the heavy lifting and bending involved in filling the glasshouse and cropping. Utilising a greater percentage of the glasshouse area and enabling a fast turnaround of batches, it also reduced fuel inputs. Now over 95% of the total glass production area has been benched.

As technology for handling flowers post-harvest improved, the first Bercomex
Furora machine made its debut at Poplar Farm. These automated bunching
machines grade every flower individually by length, colour and quality and automatically bunch them into whatever count you need. There are now six Furoras on site, including two Rainbow mixing units which create the beautiful
mixed colour bouquets which are so popular.

The combination of Terra sleeving machines and Robotag label sticking units mean that the quality and uniformity of presenting our flowers to the customer is consistently excellent, whilst speeding the flowers through the packhouse to conserve their freshness.

The latest development really takes Poplar Farm into the robot age with completely automated bulb planting. The system from IG Agrisystems in Holland is the first to be installed in this country, involving robot arms picking the bulbs individually, manipulating them so they are the correct way up and planting them in the watertray with perfect pressure and immaculate spacing. This is just the newest part of the relentless drive to raise quality, reduce waste and improve uniformity.

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