Poplar Farm, Old Fendike, Sutton St James, Spalding, Lincolnshire, PE12 0HE
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The largest producer of forced tulips in the UK

We supply a variety of fresh flowers to the UK's top supermarkets using cutting-edge technology!

About UsTop producer of British grown tulips

Tulips have been a massive part of the identity of South Lincolnshire and Poplar Farm has been at the centre of that heritage since 1960 when Fred Ellis, Andrew’s father, first rented the farm at Sutton St James.

Building glasshouses and cold stores from day one, Fred laid down the infrastructure to produce tulips and many other flowers for the UK market. Andrew Ellis has driven the business forward from his father’s small beginnings, facilitating the year-round production of a range of cut flowers, but specialising in forcing tulips. Today Poplar Farm Flowers is one of the largest tulip flower producers in the world.

One of the largest tulip flower producers in the world!